About "Bloodskull"Edit

"The New Bloodskull Empire" is a Roleplaying group on an online game on "ROBLOX." The game is made for kids and teenagers, and the primary focus of the game is to either build a game and make it popular, or to play other games and have fun. However, the purpose of The New Bloodskull Empire is to Roleplay on games people make. These Roleplays are all Star-Wars Fanon, and this is the Wiki for all things affiliated with Bloodskull Lore.Edit


The New Bloodskull Empire's most recent logo.


Since I mentioned ROBLOX, go check it out here:

"Hey! Can I freely edit on this Wiki?"Edit

Why of course you can! Well... There is one rule. Do not violate any pages of the Wiki please. Also, only make pages if you are affiliated with The New Bloodskull Empire!Edit

Oh, I almost forgot! Here is the character template: