Darth Cruciatus

Darth Cruciatus in Niman stance

Darth Cruciatus is currently the second in command of the New Bloodskull Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Very little is known about the infamous right hand of Darth Nostros. The only thing that is certain about Darth Cruciatus is that he is human and shares an intense hatred of off-and-on NOVA supporter and powerful Darth Netral'ik, although the reason behind his hatred of him is unknown. He was introduced into Bloodskull by being found in a maximum security prison on Anaxes by a raiding party. Cruciatus annihilated the soldiers and tried to escape on their ship. However, he was captured by a Bloodskull frigate later on, and a Sith Overlord named Darth Hesalith took an interest in him and tutored him for a while.

However, the apprentice soon killed the master a month later, gaining his master's rank. A few years later, after numerous missions proving his ruthlessness, cruelty, and strategic prowess, he became the right hand man of Nostros.


Like many, Cruciatus battled his way up Bloodskull's rugged hierarchy. His story is not so different from any other Sith in Bloodskull. With the many exception that he had always been a bit more powerful than his contenders, taught different styles, a different fighting style, unique and terrifying new uses of the force, as if he had been taught by an outside source. A young colonel named Kealian attempted to dig deeper into the mystery of Cruciatus, only to be found decapitated in his quarters on the frigate Fury in the next day. His bunkmates with him heard nothing, not even a lightsaber. One of his bunkmates, a pilot named Aral Neas claimed to have felt an uneasy presence in the room before going to sleep. The day following day that statement was made, the Fury was attacked by Pirate warships. As the pilot started up his fighter it blew up. The official report claimed it was an engine malfunction, others claim Cruciatus did it, but none would be as foolish as to say so aloud, should they wish to follow Kealian and Aral. The rebellion that followed a year after both their deaths, hailed them as martyrs.

Personality, traits, and PowersEdit

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