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Lord Revelation was a Sith Inquisitor during the Old Republic-Era. He was very strong in the force, and could wield many unique abilities.

To this day, his age would remain unknown, even to his old masters. He wielded a double-bladed lightsaber with a Hurrikaine-purple crystal, crafted by himself during a long period of solitude.A powerful adversary, recognized by some of the best lords of Bloodskull, including Darth Nexo, and a number of others. Later in his life, he would visit the unknown regions, where he would meet some of the Hierarchy from the Chiss Ascendancy, and he would also uncover the empire known as 'Bloodskull'. He was then recruited by the empire, and quickly attained the rank of Councilman. The people he trusts are few, the number of which he allows close to him is fewer. He is a very stealthy, near invisible individual, capable of infiltration with ease. The old rule 'They never look up.' certainly applies here.

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