"And thus it comes to pass. Sad really, all those meaningless lives brought to a conclusion at the flick of my hand." -Lord Serevin Kyrus

Birth of a ProdigyEdit

Born in 29 bby on the faded city planet of Taris, Serevin Kyrus experienced Taris as a normal world, and not in the wrecked devistation that happened millenia earlier. He lived in ignorant bliss, until once one day out exploring, he found a holocron belonging to the apparently long dead Darth Tarak. This holocron unleashed his force sensitivity, and forever engrossed him in the Dark Side of the force. He learned some rather advancedd techniques from the Holocron of Darth Tarak, and put them in to practice, telekinetically throwing people who annoyed him or frustrated him, and using the basis of force lightning to cook food. He was always delving for a truer dark, amplifying his lightning abilities until they were strong enough to disintegrate beings. This was power, something a member of a low family on Taris could never hope for. He then encountered Darth Revelation, who took him on as his apprentice. He then learned how to wield a lightsaber, and quickly mastered Djem-So, as well as learn numerous new force powers. He was then inducted into the Bloodskull empire, and was admitted into the council after rigerous training. He has proved he is a Master of the Darkside, and shares equal footing with his former master, Darth Revelation

The RebellionEdit

After seeing the madness of Nostros unfold, Kyrus decided to join the rebellion headed by Kyle Vanlor the Second, former admiral of NOVA's fleets. He generally prefers to do things directly and is a warrior at heart. (Will put more on this as the canon unfolds.)

Force PowersEdit

Kyrus has mastered the ability of force lightning. His force pushes have been able to change the orbit of asteroids, and when throwing someone it generally shatters limbs on impact. He can generate the pulverizing force known as kinatite which bludgeons people to death. He has mastered force choke, and even manipulate the force itsself to drain the very life from his opponents.

Lightsaber AbilityEdit

Serevin Kyrus wields a single bladed lightsaber with a synthetic crystal, however he carries two other lightsabers with purple Adaegan crystals. During combat he will often use the force to wield them, much like Darth Traya. This allows him to fend off multiple opponents at once.